Tory is an abstract artist interested in emotional health. Originally from Belfast she is settled in Galway with her husband and 2 small children.

Her abstract paintings are vibrant, expressive & colourful.  Working with acrylics on paper, she layers washes and blocks of colour with a spontaneous energy.  Her love of fashion, interior & contemporary design filters into her work.  Little visual snapshots of recently observed patterns, lines and dots find a place on the page.  She uses markers, pencil and pastels to make naïve marks and patterns amongst the painted layers.  She thrives on the creative process and loses herself in the beauty of paint and marks on a page.

The process of creating is intrinsically linked to her own self-care and wellbeing.  She explores her own vulnerabilities and fears to achieve a greater understanding of her inner self.  Creativity has become her tool in dealing with the world and the challenges of modern life.   Art has allowed Tory to overcome anxieties and fears that have been debilitating in her past.  She feels excited and energised by the possibilities of creating and it continues to help her T H R I V E and grow. 

The result is a body of work that, while portraying a unique perspective, is relatable and relevant to modern life.  She hopes that her original paintings have a positive and uplifting effect to the onlooker.  She hopes her paintings encourage reflection and promote emotional health as a critical component of thriving communities.

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